Ward Smelling Salts

Asylum Refillable - Smelling Salt

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The all new stainless steel Asylum smelling salts bottle is the first and only of it's kind on the market.  

  • Stronger Than Ampules - Our insanely powerful Ward formula hits even harder from this 120cc bottle.  
  • Save Money - Buy cost effective re-fill packs instead of buying a new bottle every time!
  • Increased Durability - This stainless steel bottle will handle being tossed around in your gym bag and won't crack/leak/break like a plastic bottle!
  • Environmentally Friendly - One of these bottles can prevent dozens of plastic bottles from ending up in landfills or the ocean. 
  • Lifetime Seal Warranty - We stand behind our product with a lifetime seal warranty!  If your bottle ever loses it's ability to keep a seal, we'll replace it!