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Doom Cylinder - Competition Grade Smelling Salt

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Doom Cylinder started as a passion project when we asked ourselves “just how strong can we make a smelling salt?”.  We regard Doom Cylinder as the one true and only ‘Competition Grade’ smelling salt.  So insanely powerful it’s best only used when you truly need the biggest and most aggressive performance boost. A whole new lid had to be developed for it as the pressure it produced would break the seal of our original lids.  Doom Cylinder is best reserved for experienced smelling salt users who are looking for the absolute peak in power.

  • Dominate Your Competition - If you're serious about setting all new records this is the smelling salt for you.
  • Ships Un-activated - Add 1 capful of water to activate your bottle.  Because it ships un-activated it won't lose any potency in transit! 

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