Smelling Salts for Hockey

What are smelling salts?

Ever wondered what hockey players are smelling on the bench before they hop on the ice?  That's smelling salts!   Over 97% of NHL players have either use or have used smelling salts.   They're extremely common in hockey.  Smelling salts are an ammonia inhalant used by athletes in dozens of sports to increase performance where short bursts of energy required. 

How do smelling salts work?

They work by causing a rush of adrenaline and focus.  When a player is feeling tired between shifts a quick sniff of smelling salts wakes them right back up and gets their head in the game!  The sudden rush of adrenaline clears a players mind, removes the sense of fatigue, and allows them to push their muscles even further to skate faster, shoot harder and win more. 

What's special about Ward Hockey Smelling Salts?

Traditionally hockey players have used individual use snap ampule smelling salts.  Athletes in other sports use "bottle style" smelling salts because they are 5x stronger than ampules, much more cost effective, a single bottle can last 2 months, and be passed around for a whole team.  Although stronger these 'bottle style' smelling salts would struggle to perform just as well in cold conditions. 

Ward Hockey Smelling Salts are the first ever 'bottle style' smelling salts that are specially formulated for cold conditions.  They hold up perfectly in the cold conditions of an ice rink, and for the first time hockey players have access to the same insanely powerful smelling salts that other athletes have had for years! 

  • 5x Stronger Than Ampules
  • Formulated for Cold Conditions
  • Very Cost Effective
  • A Single Bottle Can Last Months
  • Can Be Passed Around The Whole Bench

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