About Us

Ward Smelling Salts was founded in Lethbridge Alberta Canada with two goals, create an ultra premium smelling salt, and support the growth of strength sports in North America. 

We have a commitment to supporting athletes in competition and to the development of all strength sports. Power lifting has been our natural focus where the popularity of our product has spread wildly. We believe by growing the sport and its accessibility we will also grow our business.  

We've involved ourselves with competitions as small as local club meets, all the way to 300+ athlete international championships.  A very important part of working closely with athletes in these competitions has been the feedback we've received and collected.  We're continuously working on new ideas to improve our current products, but also release new innovative ideas. Ideas that will help athletes squeeze out every bit of performance they're capable of, as well as ideas that will be good for the planet! 

If you're a meet organizer, or a retailer we want to hear from you.