About Us

Ward Smelling Salts was founded in Alberta Canada with two goals, create an ultra premium smelling salt, and to support the growth of sports competition in North America. Our insanely powerful smelling salts allow athletes like yourself to push their training and performance to a whole new level. 

We have a commitment to supporting athletes in competition and making competition more accessible to individuals.  We achieve this goal by actively sponsoring competitions, teams, and select charities that share our vision. We've involved ourselves with competitions as small as local club meets, all the way to 300+ athlete international championships.  Working with real athletes gave us lots of feedback on what pro's wish they had in a smelling salt.  This helped us birth innovative products like the first ever lifetime refillable stainless steel smelling salt.
Don't miss your next PR, use Ward Smelling Salts!

If you're a meet organizer, or a retailer we want to hear from you.